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Country Show Day – 29 October 2022 – 10am to 2pm   This week is packet week: Please bring in jelly, pasta, muesli bars, dried fruit, bags of chips, sauce packets. Anything tasty and in a packet. Please remember all items will go into prize hampers so be mindful of expiry dates (must be after 31 December 2022) and only new and unopened items please!   If you rather not bring in items every week you have an option of depositing a $25 donation 12 3046 0231780 00: Reference: Raffle Item. We are only asking one item per family.   For regular updates on what you can expect on the day, please follow our FaceBook page Silverdale School Country Show Day – Saturday 29 October 2022.  

Wednesday 30 March School Newsletter

School Newsletter
Learn to Journey – Journey to Learn
Ako ki te Haere – Haere ki te Ako

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Kia ora, Talofa, Malo e leleli, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi Atu, Taloha Ni, Ni sa bula, 你好, Namaste, 안녕하세요, Hola, Xin chao. 


Welcome to Aidan Basil and Sophie Cornelius who started with us this week. Our current roll is 795.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Wolfe Morales, Fiona Hu , Benjamin Stewart, Troye Williams, Jack Crombie, William Gray, Cleo McIlroy, Mishel Nayshul, Keagan Hockly, Elaina Conaglen, Zayn Flewellen, Ava Wewege, Ryan Ha, Alizee Rose, Aimee Young, Addison Isted, Franklin Fu and Ocean Morales.

Silverdale School Board Hui

On Monday 4 April at 7.00pm the Silverdale School Board will meet for our hui. This hui will be held via Zoom and all are welcome to attend. 

Later this year there will be the Silverdale School Board elections, if you are interested in joining the Board please come along to our hui on Monday.

Here is the link for our hui:

What does a member the Silverdale School Board do?

  • The Board are elected by the parent community of the school every three years (if an election is required)
  • We have 5 parent elected trustees, one staff elected trustee and the Principal
  • The Board governs the school and emphasises strategic leadership rather than administrative detail.
  • The Boards main focus is student achievement.
  • Set strategic directions and long term goals in consultation with the Principal
  • Monitor financial management and approve the budget.
  • Approve major policies and programme initiatives.
  • Ensure the Board is compliant with its legal requirements.
  • Act as a good employer.

Kids Corner

This is writing from Rooms 31 and 33 about the storm last week.

Bang! Bang! The rain smashed on my car and it made loud noises. Then I saw a beam of light and I was blinded.  I felt scared because the thunder sounded like TNT blowing up! As I walked into school I got wet from the loud fast rain. The water went inside my shoes and my socks and it felt wet and uncomfortable .

Preston Jamieson

Boom! Crash! Boom! The lightning and thunder was so scary and bright I was so terrified of the noise. The lightning was blue with bits of yellow that looked like a thunderbolt, flashing like blinking lights. The thunder popped and boomed in the sky. The rain poured down from the sky, down over the roof.     

Casey Hill

Boom! The lightning roared. It looked like a light going on and off like someone was switching the lights on and off. The thunder shouted loudly from the sky. Like a loud growl sound. The rain was pouring from the sky. It sounded like a loud drip as it hitting the pathway.

Chanē Boshoff

As the rain splashed onto the concrete it crashed onto the floor. I ran downstairs. Suddenly I jumped from the car and ran fiercely speeding to class.

Ethan Jacobsohn 

First, I ran as fast as I could but before we got in the car… Booooooooooooooom!The lightning came straight down to the ground. Next we drove past gate 3. Suddenly I saw that the road was flooded because the rain was drizzling hard. A car was almost underwater! I got out of my car. I was running in the rain and finally I got to class. I was soaked.

Jordan Johansen 

Ten Tips for Using Your Home Language at Home 

  1. Speak your language or languages as much as possible, and encourage everyone in your family to speak as much as they can. 
  2. Tell your traditional stories, rhymes, poems and sayings to your children. Talk to them about your family, culture, and history. 
  3. Write to family or friends with your children in your language – cards, letters, emails, texts or social media – and plan visits to them if possible. 
  4. Read books together every day. Point to the pictures, read all or some words, and perhaps use bilingual books as well. 
  5. Watch programmes or movies in your language on television, from the library, or online. Perhaps choose ones with English subtitles. 
  6. Help your children with homework in your language from their school, club, church, temple, or mosque. 
  7. Sing songs with your children in your language. 
  8. Have fun! Play music and traditional games in your language. 
  9. Put up posters, alphabets, or charts in your language. 
  10. Explain that your children can be strong in two or more languages and cultures at the same time. 

Remember: Using your language or languages at home will help your children succeed at school, and in their future work.  It’s OK for your children to mix their languages.  It’s OK to ask for help from family, friends or teachers if your children don’t want to use your language.  It’s easier in a group. Join community activities, or find or start a language playgroup, culture group, school or club locally (or online).

Key Changes to the COVID-19 Protection Framework Impacting Schools

The key changes to the COVID-19 Protection Framework impacting schools are:

  • removal of My Vaccine Pass from the framework effective from 11.59pm Monday 4 April 
  • and from 11.59pm last Friday 25 March:
    • removal of any outdoor capacity limits at all colours of the framework
    • increased capacity limits when indoors at Red, moving from 100 to 200 (but still allowing for one-metre spacing) and no capacity limits indoors at Orange and Green
    • no requirement to display QR codes at any setting (but be ready to use them again in the future)
    • no need to have alternate check-in systems for COVID-19 beyond your usual visitor register processes
    • no mask requirements when outdoors (but masks remain a requirement indoors for staff and children/students in Years 4-13 when at Red)
    • additionally, masks will be strongly encouraged to be worn at Orange.

Attendance At School

As you may have seen, in the last few days the media has reported a reduction in the number of daily cases.

While we know that cases in school will rise and fall with that of the level in our community, our health experts tell us that children are much more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 in the community than at school. We also know that nationally in mid-March no more than 4% of teachers in any seven-day period reported as testing positive. It is currently around 3.5%. 

As you know, it’s great for any child’s wellbeing and learning to be at school with their friends, teachers and other school staff. You also know that we have very good systems in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

This is why we remain open at Red.

I wanted to remind you that in our school we are keeping the additional layers of protection in place to help prevent or reduce the risk of onward spread. 

We know that being fully vaccinated and boosted reduces the risk of severe illness due to COVID-19. We are encouraging all adults in our school who are working with students to be vaccinated including their booster. If they are eligible, I encourage you to get your child vaccinated, too.

I know that some of you still have questions about this, however, so I’ve included links to a video that answers many of the common questions about the vaccine:

Mask wearing for our students Year 4 and above and for all adults remains in place in indoor spaces and we are getting lots of fresh air during the day. We encourage mask wearing for children in Years 1, 2, and 3. We also continue to focus on basic hygiene such as washing hands regularly, covering any coughs and sneezes, and cleaning surfaces regularly.

Like the links above, KidsHealth has some other great resources you may be interested in:

Some students will need to isolate at home. This is in line with Government advice and if this happens, we will support them to continue their learning home to minimise any interruption. 

According to the Paediatric Society of NZ, in most children COVID-19 is a mild illness. It can be managed by whānau with some simple measures such as keeping fluids up and keeping an eye on your tamaiti (child).

If you have any concerns about sending your child to school, please get in touch – our team is here to help. We want children to be at school and engaging in learning with their friends.

Your job remains the same, too: please continue to keep a really close watch of your whānau for anyone with symptoms. If unwell, please stay at home and get advice about getting a COVID-19 test.

Cameron Lockie

A friendly reminder to please pay your donation. Donations paid now can be claimed after 1 April for a 33% tax rebate. 
When paying through myKindo, you will also see an invitation to “amplify your donation”. If you don’t normally claim your rebates, we would appreciate you choosing YES to support our school. Thank you.

Claiming back your Donation rebate for yourself
You can claim back 33.33c for every dollar you spend on donations (where donations are greater than $5). Here’s how to find our school donation receipts for this years’ tax rebate claim:

  1. Log in to and go to My Orders.
  2. Choose record type ‘Donation Receipts’.
  3. Set the date range
  4. Select Download Summary for IRD tax return to get a PDF document suitable for attaching to your tax return (containing all school donation amounts paid in the year). Individual donation receipts can also be downloaded as required, or several can be selected and downloaded into a zip file.

Information is available on

Using a tax agent to gift your rebate
If you have registered for TaxGift or Supergenerous, make sure this setting is correct on myKindo. Go to My Details and select edit rebate tax agent. You can specify a new Tax Agent for current and old schools, and nominate whether they should also collect the past 4 years receipts. All donation receipts will be directed from Kindo to the selected Tax Agent and rebates will be gifted to the school – there’s nothing further for you to do.

NOTE: Kindo cannot change the details on your donation receipt, so please ensure your Account Holder name is correct BEFORE paying any donations. Donation receipts will only be issued for items that the school has nominated as ‘donation receipt required.


Hockey registrations are open for all children Year0-Year6. 

Please see tthe link below in the information sheet. 
Registrations close Tuesday 5th April. 
Hockey is played at Millwater Metro Park on Monday evenings.
Each team will need a coach and manager without this, the kids will not be able to play. Information and support can be given to first time coaches. 

Thank you to our Newsletter Sponsors

Community Notices

World leading ukulele trio out of West Auckland  The Nukes will teach a FREE workshop for school children from 1 pm until 1.45 pm  at the Mahurangi Ukulele festival Warkworth town hall Saturday April 2nd thanks in part to creative communities funding support .


Nuke’s workshops are always fun, inclusive and engaging- (just like their shows) and participants will be taking away with them workshop resources to help them apply their new knowledge to their playing. Great value we say!It’s original, quirky and Kiwi . Part vaudeville, part rat-pack, part musical car crash, this talented trio deliver an engaging mix of humour and originality that audiences of all ages will love .


Some spare ukulele will be available on the day for those without an instrument  .


Concert show from 4 pm tickets available with more info  inlcuding day passes at


Decorate a Donut:

WHEN: Thursday, Friday and Saturday of both weeks of school holidays

WHERE: MamasDonuts North Shore kitchen

173A Archers Road 


TIME: 10a-12noon

COST: $6 per child

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