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School Talk

School Talk



A key focus for our school is building ‘student agency’ where our students take greater ownership for their own learning. This means enabling learners to own their learning by helping them to be aware of what they can do and what their next learning steps are. SchoolTalk enables this allowing each student and their teacher to track and manage their individual progress.

For parents and caregivers, SchoolTalk makes learning visible, and gives them a more holistic view of their child’s learning progress. Instead of waiting for a school report, they can now see in real time how their child is tracking. This app also provides the opportunity for parents to support their child in informed ways through a resource database that is linked to specific learning intentions from the curriculum.

For teachers, SchoolTalk has enabled them to think differently about how they group and design learning to meet all learners needs.

In summary, these are the key benefits of SchoolTalk:

  1. Enables agency for our learners, making learning visible.
  2. Real time reporting on progress and achievement for parents, students and teachers.
  3. Creates efficiency for teachers – gap analysis, learning design, differentiating and personalising learning.
  4. Creating a learning partnership with whanau, providing resources and personalised support.

How do I use SchoolTalk?

To use SchoolTalk you will be sent an invite from the SchoolTalk team once your child starts school. You can then login with Google, Microsoft or create your own account. If you have more than one child you must activate each account.

If you have not received an invitation or would like to add a second parent to an account please contact your child’s teacher or email

​SchoolTalk Features:

What parents can view:

  • Main Screen
  • Calendar
  • Progressions – Goals Achieved & Next Steps
  • Resources for each Goal
  • Reports

Main Screen
Once you have logged on to SchoolTalk you will be able to access the main screen for each of your children. You can move between each child by clicking on your initials in the right hand corner.

To navigate back to your child’s home page just click on their name in the top left hand corner.

You can view your child’s planned activities for the day and week. 



You can find out further detail on your child’s achievement, progress and next steps by clicking on the progression button in the left hand sidebar.

  • Green Highlighting – Your child has achieved the learning intention.
  • Yellow Highlighting – This is a current next learning step for your child.
  • Blue Highlighting – Your child has submitted evidence of achieving the learning intention and is waiting for the teacher to assess whether it has been achieved for it to be marked green.
  • Grey – your child is still to learn these progressions at a later date.
  • If it is completely empty then there are no progressions to learn at that level.

You can view what level your child is working at and you can keep clicking on a block to break it down for more detail.

​The progressions show where your child’s learning sits in relation to the NZ Curriculum levels.


​Resources – How can I help my child at home with their next steps?
You can access the resources and support your child with their next steps at home.  SchoolTalk has a growing number of resources that are linked to each learning intention and can be used by learners and parents at school and home. Some learning intentions currently do not have resources, this is continually being added to.
Another way to access the resources is to click on progressions and continue to click to break it down further. Once you get to ‘Learning steps’ you can then click on an intention and click on resources.

You can access and print mid year and end of year reports which give you a snapshot of your child’s learning at that particular moment. Reports will be emailed to parents twice a year. New and past reports can be accessed via the SchoolTalk portal.
1.Click on Reports.

2.Click ‘print’ to print current reports or click on dropdown arrow to get previous reports.

​Need Help? – Questions and Answers


What do I do if I have forgotten my SchoolTalk login and want to access my child’s progressions?
By clicking on this link it will take you to the SchoolTalk login page. Click on the ‘forgot password’ link and follow the instructions.
What if I do not have a login for SchoolTalk?
If you require a login for SchoolTalk, please email your child’s classroom teacher or I receive a mid and end of year Achievement Report if I have not registered for SchoolTalk?
You will receive your child’s end of year report whether you have registered for SchoolTalk or not.  If you have not registered you will be prompted to do so by clicking on the register for SchoolTalk link at the top of the email you will receive.What should I do if I have not received a report of my child’s progress?
If you have not received an end of year report, please email do I go if I have concerns or questions about my child’s report?
If you have concerns or questions regarding your child’s mid or end of year Achievement Report, please talk to your child’s teacher.Can I print my child’s report?
The end of year report has been designed so it can be printed if you would like a hard copy. It can now easily be shared digitally with grandparents and other significant people in your family. If you do not have access to a printing facility, please email either your child’s classroom teacher or and they will happily print you a copy.