Announcement : 

Country Show Day – 29 October 2022 – 10am to 2pm   This week is packet week: Please bring in jelly, pasta, muesli bars, dried fruit, bags of chips, sauce packets. Anything tasty and in a packet. Please remember all items will go into prize hampers so be mindful of expiry dates (must be after 31 December 2022) and only new and unopened items please!   If you rather not bring in items every week you have an option of depositing a $25 donation 12 3046 0231780 00: Reference: Raffle Item. We are only asking one item per family.   For regular updates on what you can expect on the day, please follow our FaceBook page Silverdale School Country Show Day – Saturday 29 October 2022.  


Silverdale School has a compulsory school uniform.  This can be ordered directly from the School Uniform Company. For all Students Shoes/Sandals Black shoes or sandals must have black soles, black laces, buckles or Velcro. There are to be no coloured markings, no heels, and no boots. Shoes are to be under the ankle in height. Socks/Tights Black socks/ Black tights to be worn with shoes. Hats School bucket hats must be worn during terms 1 and 4. Please ensure that all clothing, footwear and socks are named. ​