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School Closed Friday 2 June for Staff Only Day.

Vision and Values


Silverdale School is a values-based school where we put the emphasis on ethical and emotional intelligence, deepened relationships, social cohesion and a strong values culture. Our school values were chosen by our students and our staff.
Kindness/Atawhai Excellence/Hiranga Respect/Whakaute Integrity/ Ngākau pono
These values are called our KERI values. KERI is represented by a Karearea. KERI personifies the values that we want all of our tamiriki to show throughout their learning and life journey.

Silverdale School is also a Restorative School.
The essence of restorative practices is simple: that all people are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their behaviour when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them. Building, enhancing and restoring relationships is absolutely essential for a strongly connected, empathetic, functioning society.We feel that our previous measures often fail to meet the relational needs of teaching and learning in 21st century. We are finding restorative practices/approaches are more effective in establishing long term lasting changes in relationships, more connecting of the members of a school community and more involving and hearing of victims. ​ As a staff we are using restorative conversations:
Tell the Story Tell me what happened? What has led to us needing this conversation? What were you thinking when you did that? What have you thought about since? How does that fit with our KERI values?
Explore the Harm Who do you think has been affected? Who else? In what ways? What do you think it must have been like for them? What that a fair or unfair thing to do? The right or the wrong thing to do?
Repair the Harm What needs to happen to put things right? What do you think_________ needs to hear/see from you now? Is there anything else that you can think of that might help? What will sorry look like in action from here?
Reach an Agreement What do you need to stop doing, stay doing, start doing? If this happens again – what could/would you do differently? From now on how will you show the school/home values? What do you need from me/us to support you?
Plan Follow Up When shall we check in with you to see how you’re going? What will happen if our agreed outcomes haven’t been reached?