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The PTA Calendar Art fundraiser is now live! All orders can be made via the Kids Art website. By now you should have received your individual printed letter with your child’s code and instructions on how to purchase the products. Follow these instructions to place your order online: 1/. Go to 2/. Use the Entrance Code: KZ1029 3/. Enter your child’s room & name when prompted The fundraiser will run from Monday 28 August till Monday 18 September.  Please be aware that we will only be offering this purchase time.  After this cut off time no purchases can be made. This year we have calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, a mouse pad, diaries and a range of pens available to purchase, which make some fantastic Christmas gifts! Once logged in you can choose to use your child’s artwork or alternatively, load your own photo for printing on your artwork.  Any further questions please contact 

Newsletter – Wednesday 22 March

School Newsletter
Learn to Journey – Journey to Learn
Ako ki te Haere – Haere ki te Ako

Newsletter – Wednesday 22 March

Kia ora, Talofa, Malo e leleli, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi Atu, Taloha Ni, Ni sa bula, 你好, Namaste, 안녕하세요, Hola, Xin chao, السلام عليكم. 

Teacher Only Day – Thursday 6 April

Our school will be closed on Thursday 6 April for a teacher only day where our staff will be completing professional development for the day.


Grandparents Morning/Special Person Morning

Grandparents/Special Person morning is on Friday 31 March from 8.55am to 10.55am. All grandparents/special persons are invited to their grandchildren’s classroom to spend a morning with them. At 10.55am our grandparents/special persons are invited to stay with the class and share morning tea with the class. 



Welcome to Chloe Holton, Phoenix Cole, Max Wen, Gareth Murisa and Sereen Umar who started with us. Our roll is 755.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to ​​Abby Weakley, Daniela Greco, Thea Li, Chloe Liu, Lola Tongiahoe, Aidan Basil, Sophie Cornelius, Alex Wait, Freya Melville, Mia Uys, James Best, Andre Jex, Beckett Parker, Alexander Eade, Mason Collier, Molly Wiles, Ryder Hodgkiss and Tristan Tipace.


Silverdale School Cyber Safety Hub

We are delighted to introduce you to this resource made available to you through our partnership with Family Zone – our school Cyber Safety Hub.

The purpose of the Cyber Safety Hub is to provide you with practical guidance and information to further support you in engaging with your children in their digital development. These tools and resources also allow the school and parent body to work together on creating a holistic approach to guiding each student’s online journey.

You can access the Cyber Safety Hub using the link below:

or from our website


About the Parent Cyber Safety Hub

The Cyber Safety Hub provides expert advice from leading cyber experts, ySafe, on the most pertinent issues and frequently asked questions around platforms like TikTok, Fortnite, Instagram, and more. There are app reviews with age and safety recommendations, along with a range of guides to help ensure healthy boundaries around screen-time and gaming, plus step-by-step instructions for using parental controls and filtering out inappropriate content.

We are very excited to be able to offer you this level of expertise and support in an area that we know has been challenging for many parents to manage. We look forward to working closely with you as we develop the cyber safety conversation within our school community.


Scooters and Bikes

Please remind your children that if they ride their scooters or bikes to school, they must walk them on school grounds and they must wear a helmet. Please also talk with them about riding their scooter or bike safety on the footpath before and after school. We have had a number of complaints that children are weaving in and out of people walking on the footpath.


Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Young People

For school-aged children and young people (aged 5 to 17 years) high levels of physical activity, low levels of sedentary behaviour and sufficient sleep each day achieves greater health benefits.

A healthy 24 hours includes:

  • quality uninterrupted sleep of 9 to 11 hours per night for those aged 5 to 13 years and 8 to 10 hours per night for those aged 14 to 17 years, with consistent bed and wake-up times.
  • an accumulation of at least one hour a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity (incorporate vigorous physical activities and activities that strengthen muscles and bones, at least three days a week).
  • no more than two hours per day of recreational screen time.
  • for the remainder of the day:
  • sitting less, moving more – break up sitting time.
  • participating in structured and unstructured light physical activities.

Preserving sleep, trading indoor time for outdoor time, and replacing sedentary behaviours and light physical activity with additional moderate to vigorous physical activity can provide greater health benefits.


P.E.A.K.S (Participation, Effort, Action, Knowledge, Skills) 

P.E.A.K.S (Participation, Effort, Action, Knowledge, Skills) is our home learning programme where we celebrate the effort and commitment of students who take on a challenge and complete it in their own time.  It enables us the chance to recognise the depth and wealth of learning opportunities students engage in in their leisure time. 

Each team offers slightly different challenges they can engage in and there is also the opportunity to design their own challenge.  

Each year level has a set number of challenges to achieve in the year. Those that complete these will be awarded a trophy at the end of the year in recognition of their efforts.

Cameron Lockie

Congratulations to the Silverdale Stars who came runners up in the year 5/6 Summer Soccer competition at Stanmore Bay. Even missing a few at school camp this week they remained undefeated through the season.
Team: Josh, James, Connar, Myan, Gemma, Savith, Malan, Jackson, Anziel and Georgie

2023 Silverdale School – Colour Rush – Online Sponsored Fundraiser

Like all New Zealand Schools, Silverdale School relies on fundraising revenue to further enhance learning opportunities and the overall school environment for all our students. Fundraising gives our students a sense of empowerment from being able to work as a team and contribute towards a common goal. This term we are running our annual Colour Rush Online Fundraiser.

Our Colour Rush is a great way to bring our community together and show school spirit while raising much needed funds for our school. This year, funds raised will go towards the refurbishment of our library, a project that will benefit all our current and future students.

Our students will be collecting online sponsorship for their efforts on colour rush day, all funds raised will go towards our Library project.

How will this fundraiser work? Once again we have partnered with online fundraising company Go Raise It. Collecting sponsorship online makes it super easy for everyone – no more door knocking, your child can collect more donations from further afield (friends & family living overseas, work colleagues etc) and no need to worry about handling cash!

How do I sign my child up to fundraise online? Each child can sign up for their very own fundraising web page to send out to collect online sponsorship from anyone, anywhere! 

Multiple children in your family? No problem, all children can sit under the same email address. You’ll find a button to set up another page while logged in to the fundraising account you created first.

Do I have to sign up for an online account to fundraise? We would love everyone to have an online account as this allows the school to significantly reduce the administration overhead of collecting and dealing with cash. Go Raise It adhere to strict cyber safe guidelines and this is built into our fundraising website. If you really do not want an online fundraising page, and still want to participate please check with the school office to see if you can collect cash.


We have a great range of fundraising prizes available including spot prizes and overall fundraising prizes for classes, teams and individuals. Please see the prizes page linked on the Fundraising Hub page of our fundraising website. 


Event Details

Date: 1 April 2023

Time: 9.00am – 11:30am – the last run will be at 11:10am 

Where: Start line, Silverdale School through parts of Metro Park

If you can help on the day, please contact the PTA via email:

Walking School Bus

What is a Walking School Bus?

It is a group of children who walk together to/from school with parent supervisors along a set route.

Why should I join a Walking School Bus?

There are so many benefits of a walking school bus! Parents get to connect with one another, children get to have fun and get active. There is less congestion at school gates with more people walking which helps to improve the safety of the roads around schools.

Details for our current walking school bus routes:

Route A – Start 8:15am 11 Harris Drive : Bankside Rd : Silverdale School.

Route A – 3 days a week (days vary). Contact Sophie 021 8000 98

Route B – Start 8:20am 14 Skipjack : Whaley Greens : Manuel Rd : Walkway down to  Miller Rise : Bankside Rd : Silverdale School.

Route B – 5 days a week. Contact Kate 021 258 6275

Route C – Starts 8:25am Crn Arbors Track & Madison Terrace : Bankside Rd : Silverdale School. 

Route C – 5 days a week. Contact Alice 021 047 3043.

Please contact route coordinators for more information. 

Anyone interested in starting another route please get in touch with Louise Cameron. (


Netball registrations are open – if you child is interested in playing netball this year, please register here Please note – each team needs a coach and a manager. Teams cannot run without this. If you have played netball before, you will be able to coach the basic skills these kids require.

Netball registrations will close Friday 24th March. Cost is $115 per player. Games are generally played at Edith Hopper Park in Manly, although teams can choose to play in Northcote.

Years 3 & 4 play Thursday afternoon

Years 5 & 6 play Wednesday afternoon

Year 2 – We may be able to put some Year 2 students into Year 3 teams. There is a skills program offered on Tuesday afternoons at Edith Hopper for Year 2 as an alternative. This runs for 6 weeks and will cost $50. This is run separately to the school program an you need to register directly using this link

Games start week commencing 8th May/last games will be played week commencing 21st August

Uniforms/Gear bags will be issued Monday 24th April

Please contact Lisa Dunn for any more information

Please use the link or if does not work, copy and paste. This will take you directly to the parents page. You can order your books from here and they will get delivered to your home.

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