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Grandparents/Special Person Morning – Friday 31 March from 8.55am to 10.55am.

Wednesday 21 September Newsletter

School Newsletter
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Newsletter – Wednesday 21 September

Kia ora, Talofa, Malo e leleli, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi Atu, Taloha Ni, Ni sa bula, 你好, Namaste, 안녕하세요, Hola, Xin chao, السلام عليكم. 

Silverdale School Board.

A massive thank you to our outgoing Silverdale School Board members, Alison Gilchrist, Steven McCleery, Nicola Kayes, Megan Catterall, Hayley Thow and Mark Ralston. It has been an absolute privilege to have worked alongside these 6 people to grow our school over the last 3 years. 

Alison has been on the board for 14 years. She has  been the board chair/presiding member for all 14 years. I can not thank her enough for all the time and energy she has put into Silverdale School, without her leadership over the last 14 years the school would not be the school it is today. It’s going to be strange not seeing her at school and at board huis. Thank you Alison for all the hard mahi you have done.


Congratulations to the  following people who were nominated for Silverdale School Board roles and there was unanimous agreement to appoint them to these positions for 2022:

Presiding Member – Faye McIlroy 

Deputy Presiding Member – Ann Jose

Finance – David Powles

Personnel – Faye McIlroy

Communication, Minutes Secretary – Donna Kitching

Property, Health, and Safety – Timothy Harrod and Nolan Jex

Staff Representative – Donna Kitching

Principal – Cameron Lockie

PTA Representative – Cameron Lockie

Privacy Officer – Cameron Lockie

Bank Signatories – Cameron Lockie, Faye McIlroy , Executive Officer and

David Powles

Personal and Complaints Committee – Cameron Lockie, Faye McIlroy  and another board member)

Appointments Committee – Cameron Lockie, Faye McIlroy 

Budget Review – Cameron Lockie, Faye McIlroy 



Welcome to En Rui Chen and Eva You. Our current roll is 844.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Brodie Easton, Chloe Chui, Teagan Bouwer, Rachel Niu, Ewan Hyun, Rhea Shah, Allegra Olivier, Leandra Han, Harry Glatt, Wiremu Hobson, Ella Boguem, Ishaan Patel, Suji Kim, Emily Yi Xuan Zhang, Blake Mans and Violet Emery.


School Closed

School will be closed on Monday 26 September for Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day.


School Uniform

I have been noticing that children aren’t wearing the correct uniform lately. Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform each day and that all items are clearly named. 

To order new uniform items please go to 

School Uniform

Green polo shirt (with school logo) Year 0-6 

Green fleece jacket (with school logo) 

Black culottes             

Black cargo shorts or cargo pants (no track pants

Black school shoes or black sandals (no boots)

Black socks or stockings (no ankle tights/leggings)

Black sun hat with school logo (Terms 1 and 4) 

Black, white or green hair bands/ties                              

Short sleeved thermals are permitted to wear underneath.

Jewellery is not to be worn except for watches, stud earrings and items of a religious or cultural nature.


School Grounds

It’s great to see so many people use our school grounds over the weekends. What’s not great is all the rubbish that is left behind for us to pick up on Monday. If you use or know people who use our school grounds please remind them to take their rubbish home with them. Thank you.


Getting to and from School

When collecting your child from school please use the lights at Longmore Lane, Millwater Parkway and Bankside to cross the road. Too many parents are crossing Longmore Lane before the lights and this is setting a bad example to your children, children follow your example so too keep them safe please use the lights.

If your child/ren are walking/biking/scootering to or from school can you please go over with them how to do this safely. Below are some general tips.

How to stay safe when walking

  • Use pedestrian crossings or cross at traffic signals.
  • Stop and check at every driveway.
  • Walk on the footpath, close to the houses and away from the road.
  • Hold hands if walking with a young child near roads or in carparks.

Crossing the road, when there’s no pedestrian crossing

  • be patient and cross the road only when it’s safe to do so (it takes time for a vehicle to stop)
  • then use the kerb drill:
  1. Stop one step back from the kerb.
  2. Look and listen for traffic coming from all directions.
  3. If there is traffic coming, wait until it has passed and then look and listen for traffic again.
  4. If there is no traffic coming, walk quickly straight across the road.
  5. While crossing, look and listen for traffic, wherever it may come from.

When using a pedestrian crossing

  • Use official crossings where possible – in fact, if you’re within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing, the law requires you to use it.
  • Check that approaching vehicles have seen you and can stop before you step out.
  • Cross as quickly as you are able.
  • For crossings with signals, only cross when the green person or message shows.

Not Returning in 2023

If your child is currently in Years 1-5 we would appreciate you letting us know if they will not be returning to Silverdale School for 2023 as this will assist us in our staffing and class organisation. Please email the office, to let us know. Thank you.


2023 Enrolments

Do you have a child who is turning 5 in 2023? Or do you know of a family who has a child about to turn 5?  If so, we would like to have all enrolment forms for any children turning 5 in 2023 into the school office as soon as possible. This information allows us to plan ahead and ensure that we have classrooms ready and class teachers appointed for our new entrant classes. If you have any questions please feel free to email me


P.E.A.K.S (Participation, Effort, Action, Knowledge, Skills) 

P.E.A.K.S is our home learning programme where we celebrate the effort and commitment of students who take on a challenge and complete it in their own time.  It gives us the chance  to recognise the depth and wealth of learning opportunities students engage in in their leisure time. 

Each team offers slightly different challenges they can engage in and there is also the opportunity to design their own challenge.  

Each year level has a set number of challenges to achieve in the year. Those that complete these will be awarded a trophy at the end of the year in recognition of their efforts.

Lost Property

This week we are going to get our staff to sort through the lost property and return all named items to the children.

At the end of the term we will have the rest of the lost property displayed and will allow parents to come on site at the end of the day to have a look for their children’s lost items.

Thank you for your support with this.

Principal Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received principal awards last week.

KERI Awards

Well done to the following children who received Caught by KERI awards. 


Team Te Ohanga

Team Kiwi

Team Pukeko

Team Tui













Austin Yan








The special kindness sushi winners of the week are Parker Room 6 and Nira Room 11.

Picking Up Children from School

Scheduled Appointments

If you have a scheduled appointment  for your child during school hours please follow these instructions:

    1. Email the teacher (all teachers emails are on the School Website) before 8.30am with the time you will be collecting your child.
    2. You will pick your child up from the stop, drop, go area.
    3. Please stay in the car and the teacher will release your child at the specified time that you have requested.
    4. Please call or text this number 0273369199 telling us that you have your child.

Early Pick Up

If you need to pick your child up from school before 3.00pm please follow these instructions:

    1. Email the teacher (all teacher emails are on the school website) and the office what time you need to pick up your child.
    2. You will pick up your child from the stop, drop, go area.
    3. Please stay in your car and call or text this number 0273369199 telling us you are at school.
    4. We will send your child to you, please stay in your car.
    5. Please call or text this number 0273369199 telling us that you have your child.

Health Room Pick Up

If you receive a call that your child is sick/injured please follow these instructions:

  1. You will pick up your child from the stop, drop, go area.
  2. Please stay in your car and call or text this number 0273369199 telling us you are at school.
  3. We will send your child to you, please stay in your car.
  4. Please call or text this number 0273369199 telling us that you have your child.


Please make sure if you are sending medication to school with your child, they must give it to the office before school starts. All medication needs to be stored at the office and not in school bags

Reporting Positive Covid Case

Contact Cameron ( use this format:

Child’s Name:

Child’s Room Number:

Date of positive test or first symptoms:

Last Day at School:

No need to test on returning back to school on Day 8.

Cameron Lockie

World Car Free Day – Thursday 22 September

Come to school car free (walking, biking, scooting) this Thursday!  Visit Mrs Franklin in Room 7 for a special ‘Car Free’ sticker.

​​World Car Free Day was started to get students thinking about their health, wellbeing and protecting their environment. 

Term 4 will see us launch the Walking School Bus. Please keep an eye out for more information soon!

Keep munching on those mighty Yummy Apples. Collect the Yummy stickers and bring them into school, as we trade them for sports equipment. 5 weeks to go!

Sustainability Challenge

Last week, six teams from Silverdale Primary School participated in the Schools Sustainability Challenge at Wxenderholm Regional Park. This event was a mix of orienteering and various sustainability challenges. Students mapped out their route to try to score the most amount of points in two hours. Ka rawe Silverdale for persevering and


Please check your emails, as Photolife have emailed all keycodes. Remember to check your spam folder. You will need the keycodes to view and purchase your child’s/children’s photos on the photolife website.

Silverdale School – Country Show Day – 29 October 2022 – 10am to 2pm
This week is sweets, lollies or chocolates week. Please send into school packets of lollies or sweets or boxes of chocolates.
Alternately, if you would prefer not to contribute items each week, you can deposit a $25 donation per family into the PTA account: 12-3046-0231780-00 before 21 October.
To get up to date information on our Country Show Day go to:

Thank you to our Newsletter Sponsors

Community Notices

White on black.jpeg


Shine Speech & Drama classes inspire confidence and imagination, helping students communicate effectively and build self-belief that helps them succeed in life.

Here’s what people are saying about Shine’s lessons …

“He got up and spoke in front of the school. He would never have done that before”
— James’ Mum

“Thank you so much for calmly and reassuringly, through zoom after zoom, guiding the boys’ through their tasks. Thank you for all the extra energy and organisation that has gone into all of this. You’ve been simply fantastic!”  – Catherine

“….the best speech and drama teacher working in New Zealand today.” NZ Herald

– public speaking
– acting skills
– voice (projection and articulation)
– reading aloud skills
– positive body language
– storytelling
– relationship skills

Register here for term 4 lessons, beginning Saturday 22nd October 2022.  Term fees are $240 with 8 lessons guaranteed per term.  Sibling discount of 10% for any siblings enrolling.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call Nina on 021-160 9197
Linguamusic offers Piano tuition and Spanish tuition for learners of all ages, from beginners to advanced level. Lessons in person or via zoom. 
Native, qualified and with over 30 years teaching experience in NZ.  
For further information contact Anna on: 0272958433. or via email :
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