Announcement : 

Alert Level 4  Due to Auckland going into alert level 4 from Tuesday 17 August 11.59pm the school will be closed for everyone. Please make sure that you do not go onto the school grounds and playgrounds while we are in alert level 4.

Two New Areas on our Home Learning Site – Printable Hard Packs and Ready to Read Audio Books

Two new areas on our Home Learning Site:
Printable Hard Packs
Do your children need something different / extra?

On our learning site we have added a new tab where you can access printable hard packs of learning material.  Although these are aimed at a typical child within each year group, your child may like to work down or up in other year levels packs of work.  This is fine to do!  Online learning will still be available and updated ever Sunday afternoon ready for the following week.  If you own a printer, you can print these off and have them work directly on them.  If you do not own a home printer, these can instead be displayed on a device/screen and have them write answers (or copy) onto paper instead.

Ready to Read Audio Books

On each team’s page (under the PEAKS learning) we have added slides where you can access Ready to Read audio books.  You can click on a book on one of the slides which will direct you to the Ready to Read website where you can listen to the audio story. Happy listening.