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Country Show Day – 29 October 2022 – 10am to 2pm   This week is packet week: Please bring in jelly, pasta, muesli bars, dried fruit, bags of chips, sauce packets. Anything tasty and in a packet. Please remember all items will go into prize hampers so be mindful of expiry dates (must be after 31 December 2022) and only new and unopened items please!   If you rather not bring in items every week you have an option of depositing a $25 donation 12 3046 0231780 00: Reference: Raffle Item. We are only asking one item per family.   For regular updates on what you can expect on the day, please follow our FaceBook page Silverdale School Country Show Day – Saturday 29 October 2022.  

Wednesday 21 October Silverdale School Newsletter

School Newsletter
Learn to Journey – Journey to Learn
Ako ki te Haere – Haere ki te Ako


Welcome to Inge Jansen Van Rensburg, Charlotte Lancaster, Chase Anglem, Dylan Anglem and Luca Buckland. Our current roll is 855.

Happy Birthday 

Happy birthday to Jake Anderson, Ivy Li, Klara Smith, Quinn Honore, Wian Goosen, Kyra Geens, Barbara Ahumada, Blake Olivier, Camryn Scott, Hollie Fuller, Danica Neilson and Olivia Zhong.

Artwork for Office Foyer

Thank you to the children of Room 38 for the beautiful artwork for the office foyer.

2020 Reports and the effect of COVID19 on Learning

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Children’s experience and responses to COVID-19 and their return to school has varied. For some children the period of time away from school has brought increased worries and uncomfortable feelings and returning to the regular classroom has been difficult. For other children, the time away from school has been a pleasant experience and they have returned to school excited to see their friends, teachers and eager to engage in work. Our return to school recovery plan has focussed on promoting a sense of increased wellbeing and resilience. We acknowledge that everyone is on their own recovery path. Due to this, some children have needed longer to settle back into learning, while others have not been affected significantly. For this reason some children have not made the academic progress that would be expected over a year.  

On Friday 11 December, you will receive your child’s report from SchoolTalk. This report shows a graph which tracks your child’s progress in reading, writing and mathematics. Below is an example of what your child’s graph may look like. Depending on your child’s progress the blue progress line may have stayed on the expected trajectory path or may show a slower rate of progress. If your child has not made the expected progress please be accepting and understanding of this, and know that when your child has had the time and space they need to heal, learning will begin again.

Engage in Your Child’s Learning and What’s New in 2021

How can you help your child with their learning?

Parent information evening for SchoolTalk, Wednesday 4 November at 6.30pm in the school hall. This evening we will also share with parents about some of the changes that we will be making in 2021.

Pink Shirt Day

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Pink Shirt Day mufti day last Friday. We raised $1052.60 which is a fantastic effort by everyone.

Sun Smart

During term 1 and 4 it’s compulsory for children to wear the school hat when outside. There are many reasons why we make wearing hats compulsory, you just need to look at the statistics.


    • Over 4000 people are diagnosed with either melanoma in situ or invasive melanoma every year in New Zealand – that’s around 11 every day.
    • It’s the fourth most common cancer in New Zealand and accounts for nearly 80% of all skin cancer deaths.
  • Around 300 New Zealanders die of melanoma every year.
  • New Zealand and Australia have the highest melanoma incidence rate in the world.
  • Although Maori and Pacific people have a lower chance of getting melanoma, they often have thicker, more serious melanomas.

Death rates are higher among men and appear to be increasing. 


Sushi4U KERI prize draw lunch

Sushi4U is one of the school lunch options available to order on kindo. They have kindly offered to provide a free teriyaki chicken sushi lunch for two lucky children who will be drawn out during our KERI prize draw at our KERI assemblies. If your child is selected we will email to let you know and the lunch will be provided for them on the Thursday following our assembly. Many thanks to Sushi4U for helping to promote our school values.

Country Show Day

Thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way in the organisation of our Country Show Day. The PTA have been working extremely hard in making this day an exciting and fun day for all. This is our major fundraising event of the year so please come along and support your school and children.

Saturday 31 October: 10am – 2pm

As well as a lot of the classic stalls and rides we have some NEW AMUSEMENTS for you to experience.

There will be a large array of food, something for everyone.  A Cake Stall with so many tasty cakes, slices and other baked goods you’ll find it hard to choose which one you’ll take home.

We have a great range of silent auction items – there is something there for everyone! Get on our silent auction website now and start browsing! 

You need to log in to participate and to win the auction go to to create an account.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please no dogs are allowed at Country Show Day. 


Research project that is looking into parents’ perspectives on their children’s language learning in New Zealand.

Rachel Zakaria is a postgraduate student studying towards a Master of Speech and Language Pathology degree at the University of Canterbury. 

She is currently undertaking a research project that is looking into parents’ perspectives on their children’s language learning in New Zealand. The target participants of this research are parents/caregivers who: 

  • lives in New Zealand right now 
  • was born overseas/abroad 
  • speaks another language (or more) that is not English, Te Reo Māori, or New Zealand Sign Language, and 
  • has one child or more who is at preschool or school. 

If you fit the criteria he would very much appreciate it if you could complete the survey.

The survey should take approximately 10-13 minutes and it is completely anonymous.  

Survey link: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her. 

Rachel Zakaria 

Master of Speech and Language Pathology  

University of Canterbury  


Cameron Lockie

Attention all swimmers aged 7-10 years! The Banana Boat OceanKids Series is coming to Takapuna Beach on Saturday 12 December – a great chance to have a go at a 100m or 200m ocean swim close to shore, in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Every child who participates will receive a finishers medal, photo, other goodies, and a great day at the beach! Visit for more info and to enter.

The library will be closed from Wednesday 4 November for our annual stocktake.

Please have a good look around for any books that might be hiding at home and return them as soon as you can.

Thank you

Quiz Night Saturday 14 November

Quiz Night FAQs

 Do I have to be good at quizzes to go to Quiz Night?

Absolutely NOT! Quiz night is just an excuse to get out the house and have a fun time without kids around.

How many people do we need for a team?

Teams of 4 and Teams of 8 are encouraged to register. However, if you want to participate and need help organising a team, just email us at and we can help you out.

Do teams dress up?

Yes, teams dress up. We will even have a prize for best dressed…however, this is not a requirement! Feel free to just come as you are.

Do we need cash, or can we bring cards?

We will have one Eftpos machine site, but bring cash to keep the lines shorter, get your drinks faster and be able to join in on some games and raffles.


What can I buy at Quiz Night?

Drinks: Beer, wine and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

Food: Teams will be given  the opportunity to buy pizzas from Northern Union which will be delivered on site. Teams are also encouraged to bring nibbles for their table.

Hampers and games: We’ll have some awesome hampers to raffle off and some games to keep you entertained throughout.

Where does Quiz Night take place?

The Silverdale School Hall.

Silverdale School

Platinum Sponsors

Silverdale School Flippa Ball, Sunday 18th October
It’s finally here, the ‘last first game of the term’ ever for the Silver Fins.  Following repeated Covid disruption of the 2020 season, the Fins were very motivated to play this afternoon, and the match got off to an enthusiastic start.  Our opponents, the Silverdale Swordfish, were first to gain possession of the ball and the frantic pace of the game continued from there on in, with many a tussle for the ball up each end of the goal.  At first, there wasn’t much to show for the effort put in by our Fab Four up front, Striker Alice Bauld, Julian Beall, Morgan Lusher, and Jack Wooller, who were each going great guns, putting in a solid attempt at shooting, but not managing to get the result they wanted.  The Swordfish were first to score, signalling it was time for the Fins to dust off the cobwebs and get down to business.  And after much determination and team work amongst the ‘Fab Four at the Front’, Morgan Lusher was first to secure a goal for the Fins, taking the match to 1-1, and this was followed up by Jack Wooller executing a second goal.    We were away…!!   By half time the Fins were determined to hang on to their lead and win at all costs.  Julian gained possession at second whistle.  At times, our dream defense team, Alissa Hurter, Zack Gibbins, and Blake Thow were hard to make out amongst a sea of their opponents blue caps.  In our attempt to widen the gap, pretty much all of our enthusiastic players were guilty of a few contact penalities.  Jamie Welch, our awesome Goalie, managed to prevent the Swordfish from scoring, and those balls were coming thick and fast towards him at great speed.  Not to be deterred, with an effortless throw at great speed, he was firing them back to us in no time.  Alice, Morgan, Jack, and Julian all demonstrated some great teamwork, resulting in Morgan scoring two more goals, and bringing home a victory for the Fins.   At final whistle the score was 4-1.  Player of the Day went to Blake Thow (pictured).  Blake was a clear standout this afternoon, demonstrating some awesome defense.   This is not unusual for a talented defender like Blake who consistently plays a great game to a very high standard.   However, there is a new rule around contact which is quite complicated, and Blake managed to execute his defense without giving away any fouls.  Blake is also an outstanding team player, working very well with Alissa, Zack, and Jamie, who all work well together, making up our awesome defense.   Well done to you Blake, and congratulations team Fins for playing yet another good game.


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